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The first major event for the Circular Economy

We provide businesses with the learning, solutions and relationships needed to achieve profitable circular economy business models. The crucial steps are covered in full, from business case planning and recycling, through to new business models, product redesign and engaging customers.

Resource is the international congress and trade show that looks at profitable approaches to circularity and resource productivity, engaging designers, manufacturers, retailers, recycling and recovery sectors. The show is cross sector, catering to businesses looking to implement next steps, through to those seeking to understand the opportunity and viable approaches.

Resource is unique in this positioning, is free to attend, and is the world’s largest event of its kind.


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  • Key industry figures meet to agree steps towards development of a Modern, Resource Efficient Economy... read more
  • UBM Live to revolutionise events industry by joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100... read more
  • Inaugural event positions Resource as the UK’s leading Circular Economy event... read more
  • Visitor numbers on day two of Resource further strengthened the event’s position as Europe’s leading event for the circular economy... read more
  • The circular economy presents a real opportunity for in-store retail... read more
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