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The first major event for the Circular Economy

The scale and audience of Resource is totally unique. Resource is the only event that has been developed specifically to cater to businesses adopting circular economy models and strategies.

A working circular economy requires much more advanced thinking than simply having a recycling policy – it is dependent on massive collaboration along the supply chain. The complete supply chain is fully represented at Resource, enabling invaluable new relationships to form.



  • Key industry figures meet to agree steps towards development of a Modern, Resource Efficient Economy... read more
  • UBM Live to revolutionise events industry by joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100... read more
  • Inaugural event positions Resource as the UK’s leading Circular Economy event... read more
  • Visitor numbers on day two of Resource further strengthened the event’s position as Europe’s leading event for the circular economy... read more
  • The circular economy presents a real opportunity for in-store retail... read more
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