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  • Key industry figures meet to agree steps towards development of a Modern, Resource Efficient Economy... read more
  • UBM Live to revolutionise events industry by joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100... read more
  • Inaugural event positions Resource as the UK’s leading Circular Economy event... read more
  • Visitor numbers on day two of Resource further strengthened the event’s position as Europe’s leading event for the circular economy... read more
  • The circular economy presents a real opportunity for in-store retail... read more


The first major event for the Circular Economy

A resource constrained world demands new thinking and new business models. Representatives from extraction, design, recycling, manufacturing, retail and resource recovery must come together to capitalise on the commercial opportunities of a circular economy.

Resource is the first major conference and exhibition for organisations looking to develop strong resource strategy and resilient resource security, providing opportunities to collaborate, partner, network and learn.
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